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Actions Semiconductor Co., Ltd.
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Area :
Taiwan , China
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Bluetooth , MP3 SoC , Multimedia


Actions Semiconductor Co., Ltd., an IC design company co-founded by a strong design team with experienced staffs from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Silicon Valley, and a well-known world class IC design company, was established in 2001, capable of designing and developing SOC VLSI products and their total system solutions. Equipped with years of designing and manufacturing experiences, the business covers IC design, solution development, testing, and sales.


The technologies and products of the Actions team are very matured and stable after accumulating 10 years of SOC design experience, as well as more than 9 years of SOC mass production experience. Actions has successfully put into market some products, such as digital audio/video SOC chip and its total solution, a series of IC for digital potential meter, SOC chip for TV entertainment products and its total solution, ... etc, since the first day it was found. All Actions’ products are under the protection of intellectual property law, and have been gradually showing their competitive power after directly joining the international market.


With management and techniques accumulated, high-tech and product positioning, precise market position, strong innovative power, Actions sustains fast improvement and development. In 2003, Actions was identified as one of the top 10 fastest growing IC design companies within the China area by the China semiconductor association; the same situation will happen again in 2004 as well.


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